The Poetry Project Newsletter has a new Editor

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We are delighted to officially announce that Ted Dodson is the next editor of The Poetry Project Newsletter.

Ted had this to say when asked for a statement: “Though I always felt part of the Project –– this feeling is one of its many ineluctable majesties –– I’m overjoyed to extend my role, as Editor of the PPNL, and return the care and support to a community that was and will always be my first home in our city.”

Ted Dodson is the author of the chapbook Pop! in Spring (Diez, 2013). He is the co-founder and editor of the filmed journal On the Escape, a former curator for Triptych, and an editor and the program director for Futurepoem. Select publication can be found or is forthcoming in The Brooklyn RailThe Death and Life of American Cities,Highwaymen #9 & Annualla foveaSET, and Well Greased: X-Merz Cards.

We’re overjoyed to have Ted as part of our majesty! To take a look at past issues of the PPNL, most recently under the editorship of Paul Foster Johnson, look here.


One Response to The Poetry Project Newsletter has a new Editor

  1. M. G. Stephens says:

    It is so good to know that the Poetry Project lives on and on, and that it continues to change and grow too, change and growth being integral to its mission in the East Village, to bring the word of poetry to the people there. What a wonderful idea! What a soulful joint!

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