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Greg Masters Talkin’ Public Access Poetry on WKCR

Remember Public Access Poetry? Here’s an interview with Greg Masters on Columbia University’s WKCR talking about the screening of Public Access Poetry at Anthology Film Archives for our 2011 Spring Fundraiser.

You Funded Public Access Poetry!

Dear Public Access Poetry Supporter:
Our first experience with backing a project through “crowdfunding” was a huge success! We want to extend an enormous thank you to the 92 people who spread the word, contributed and FUNDED The Poetry Project’s Public Access Poetry Kickstarter campaign.
As you may know, the first 31 of the original Public [...]

Public Access Poetry Kickstarter Campaign!

Just a reminder that we have until November 15 to meet our $3,800 goal – otherwise the final stretch of the Public Access Poetry project won’t get backed. Fifteen reel to reel tapes lay await in cold storage. Help us sing the unsung into the 4th dimension!

Our Kickstarter Campaign for Public Access Poetry

The Public Access Poetry Story (short version)
In 2009, forty-six fragile open-reel videotapes of Public Access Poetry were donated to The Poetry Project by Greg Masters. A grant and three subsequent anonymous donations supported the preservation and digitization of 31 of the original tapes through The Standby Program at MercerMedia, with consulting support from Anthology Film [...]

MEAT IS MOVIE: The Poetry Project’s Spring Fundraiser

For more information on these events please see our calendar. Also check out Anthology Film Archives website for information about the 2 screenings: THE BEST OF PUBLIC ACCESS POETRY and PUBLIC ACCESS POETRY: 3 EPISODES.

Funding to preserve PUBLIC ACCESS POETRY was made possible through a Consulting Fund re-grant from the New York State Literary [...]


Hi Everyone,
One of the things I’ve been working on this season is coming to delightful fruition and I’m excited to tell you about it.
Even if you were watching the innovation called cable TV in 1977 and 1978 what are the chances that you saw a show titled “Public Access Poetry”? Produced by Poetry Project stalwarts [...]