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Reading Launch for The Recluse #10

[ Monday, May 19, 2014; 8:00 pm; ] The Poetry Project’s journal, The Recluse, debuted in its new online format this year (Thanks, HR Hegnauer!). You can find it here (check back soon, if it’s not up yet!).

We’re looking forward to the first round of digitally published work and invite you to join us for a launch reading, featuring some of The Recluse #10 […]

The Death and Life of American Cities

[ Friday, February 1, 2013; 10:00 pm; ] In the tradition of Floating Bear, Try!, Rolling Stock and other hyperactive journals before it, The Death and Life of American Cities is couched in the necessity of materializing writing’s frequency in all its cantering grime.  Please join us for a one night procedural intervention in this circuit to parse the first 10 months of […]

The 39th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon Benefit Reading

[ Tuesday, January 1, 2013; 2:00 pm; ] There are three things to consider when the New Year’s Day Poetry Marathon sweeps you into its gracefully uncouth embrace — what it is, what it was, and who you will be when it’s over. A benefit that is also a transformative experience for artist and audience, with: Adeena Karasick, Andrew Boston, Anna Dunn, Anne […]

10/7: Action Shots! Jamie Townsend & Laura Solomon


Introductions for Jamie Townsend & Laura Solomon

In Jamie Townsend’s work, hardly anything purports to be a window.  Common language, snips of images, natural landscape, and cubicle ambience collapse into rich textures, often clipped into little relics, posed against one another.  This is definitely the case in Matryoshka, one of his three chapbooks out this year, where sense is barely off the […]

Jamie Townsend — “Howard Hughes” — 10/7/11

Hello From The Friday Late Night Series

  Dear Friends of The Friday Late Night Series,
   It begins!  Again!  Please join us on Friday, October 7th at 10pm for the first Friday Late Night Series event of the 2011/2012 season:  A reading by Jamie Townsend and Laura Solomon.  
 Stay tuned for info about upcoming events and readers/performers, as well as photos, links, transcripts of […]

Laura Solomon & Jamie Townsend

[ Friday, October 7, 2011; 10:00 pm; ]  Laura Solomon was born in 1976 in Birmingham, Alabama. Her books include Bivouac (Slope Editions, 2002), Blue and Red Things (UDP, 2007), and The Hermit (UDP, 2011). Other publications include a chapbook, Letters by which Sisters Will Know Brothers (Katalanché Press 2005) and Haiku des Pierres / Haiku of Stones by Jacques Poullaoueq, a translation […]