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Introductions for Shonni Enelow and Steve Reinke

I’m thrilled to have Shonni Enelow and Steve Reinke here.  Reading through their work this week, I got more and more excited by the ways in which it overlaps and differs and how interestingly it might resonate in this room tonight.  Both Enelow and Reinke are artist-writers, whose particular forms of engagement with the work and lives of others constantly grapple with the fact that there are aspects of art (and people) that remain forever insoluble, but also, that there are aspects that come to perception ONLY by employing more imaginative strategies like drama, poetry, or fiction to create, as Reinke writes, “parallel dialogues.”


11/4: The Writing Machine

Warming Up


10/7: Action Shots! Jamie Townsend & Laura Solomon


Introductions for Jamie Townsend & Laura Solomon

In Jamie Townsend’s work, hardly anything purports to be a window.  Common language, snips of images, natural landscape, and cubicle ambience collapse into rich textures, often clipped into little relics, posed against one another.  This is definitely the case in Matryoshka, one of his three chapbooks out this year, where sense is barely off the word before a new thought cuts in to comment on the stanza’s unfolding.  This has the effect of making one feel intimately involved with a mind at work in language, while simultaneously once removed from the phenomena that produced it.  Looped and processed, “the complex/ mobile remains/ more than expression.”


Hello From The Friday Late Night Series

  Dear Friends of The Friday Late Night Series,

   It begins!  Again!  Please join us on Friday, October 7th at 10pm for the first Friday Late Night Series event of the 2011/2012 season:  A reading by Jamie Townsend and Laura Solomon.  

 Stay tuned for info about upcoming events and readers/performers, as well as photos, links, transcripts of introductions, and more.   Onward!